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Filet mignon

Filet mignon

Filet mignon ( / ˌ f iː l eɪ ˈ m iː n j ɒ̃ / ; [1] French:  [filɛ miɲɔ̃] ; lit.   ‘»tender, delicate, or fine fillet»') is a cut of meat taken from the smaller end of the tenderloin, or psoas major of an animal carcass. In French it can refer to the tenderloin of several animals but is mostly used to refer to cuts of pork tenderloin. [2]

The tenderloin runs along both sides of the spine, and is usually butchered as two long snake-shaped cuts of meat. The tenderloin is sometimes sold whole. Filet mignon is usually presented as a round cut taken from the thinner end of a piece of tenderloin. It is often the most tender and lean cut. Filet mignon often has a milder flavour than other cuts of meat and as such is often garnished with a sauce or wrapped with bacon.

Due to the small amount of filet mignon able to be butchered from each animal it is generally the most expensive cut of meat.

Как приготовить салат Змея из Оливье

Сделать заготовки для глаз, языка и шкуры змеи

  • Отрезать у одного яйца 2 круглых или овальных пластинки для глаз змеи, а от морковки – пластиночку, чтобы из нее вырезать раздвоенный язычок змейки. Остальное пойдет в салат.
  • Нарезать маслины и оливки колечками.

Нарезать Оливье и заправить

  • Огурец, говядину и очищенные: картошку, морковку и яйца нарезать мелкими кубиками (размером, примерно, с горошек, который вы положите в салат). Добавить горошек.
  • Все перемешать, заправить майонезом (умеренно). Подсолить при необходимости.

Слепить змею из салата

  • Окунуть руки в прохладную воду, стряхнуть капли (как перед формированием котлет или сырников, чтобы фарш не приставал к рукам). Брать по горсти салата. Делая из каждой порции колбаску, выкладывать из них извилистую змейку. Можно сделать змею в виде зигзага или спирали – кольца. Голова змеи – самая толстая часть, а к хвосту змея сужается.
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Салат оливье с говядиной

Выкладываем Оливье в виде змеи

Такой консистенции получается салат Оливье, который удобно фигурно выкладывать и лепить из него змей.

Украсить салат в виде змеи

  • Выложить рисунок змеиной кожи при помощи маслин и оливок. Глазки я делала из пластинок яичного белка (проделала дырочку в центре и вставила в нее кусочек маслины).
  • Вставить язычок. Посыпать тарелку вокруг ползущей змеи нарезанной зеленью – получится травка.

Салат Змея рецепт

Для этого объема салата я брала большое плоское блюдо диаметром около 30-32 см. Змейка уместилась. Было вкусно.

Как сделать змею на Новый год из салата Оливье

Салат Оливье в форме змеи. Сверху змея украшена колечками из маслин и оливок. Все очень просто.

What Snake River Farms meat is like

SRF sent me its American Wagyu Prime Rib Starter Kit ($255, no longer available), a simple set designed to help novice cooks make their first prime rib. It contained a five-pound prime rib, Jacobsen black pepper salt, and a Thermoworks digital thermometer, reinforcing how easy it really it is to make a tasty prime rib. Quality meat, a generous sprinkling of savory seasoning, and accurate temperature are the only things you need.

Everything arrived in an insulated box (the insulated foam is biodegradable and dissolves in water) with dry ice and a reusable thermal bag, and the prime rib was a little thawed by the time I came home to pick it up.

Prime rib is no doubt a treat I usually only indulge in around the holidays, and a treat this was. The cooking process was a breeze, and I ended up with a huge, flavorful, and juicy prime rib, which I of course also shared with friends.

Adopting many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding methods, our cattle are fed an all-natural, sustainable diet consisting of local Northwest ingredients, including Idaho potatoes, soft white wheat and alfalfa hay. Because they have the ability to deposit intramuscular marbling over time, our animals are on feed an average of three times longer than traditional U.S. commodity beef animals.

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In beef, more marbling means more flavor. It also merits a higher grade. Snake River Farms American Wagyu Beef’s intense marbling is so rich the USDA grading scale simply can’t capture or convey its premium quality. Instead, we use a combination of the Japanese and U.S. grading systems.

Snake River Farms is beautifully marbled. It’s Wagyu; it’s just stunningly beautiful American beef.

Protect yourself

Farmers and ranchers usually have pretty good radar for detecting bad apples, but these scammers are sophisticated and spend their days dreaming up schemes to get by that radar. And these swindlers aren’t just sellers — some may also try to part farmers and ranchers from their crops and livestock without payment.

I know that some of you reading this have maybe made a good living from using these free platforms to buy and sell goods and services for your farm or ranch. I have friends who sell beef over Facebook to consumers, and they haven’t had problems.

These free platforms are great for selling those jeans your teenager outgrew, or that tennis racket you used once. But, when you’re talking large equipment purchases or selling a year’s worth of crops or livestock, it pays to take the time to do your homework.

Or else that bully is going to scam you out of more than just your lunch.

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