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Жареные шампиньоны с луком на сковороде

Жареные шампиньоны с луком на сковороде

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Жареные шампиньоны с луком на сковороде

Жареные шампиньоны с луком на сковороде

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Spinach and cheese stuffed mushrooms


Active time: 15 mins | Total time: 30 mins

Serves: 8

Storage notes: Refrigerate for up to 3 days. Serve at room temperature or reheat on a rimmed baking sheet in a 180C oven until warmed through.


1 tbsp olive oil

40g finely chopped shallot or onion

140g baby spinach, chopped

3 sun-dried tomatoes, soaked in hot water for 10 minutes, drained and finely chopped (2 tbsp)

70g garlic-and-herb Gournay cheese, such as Boursin, at room temperature

⅛ tsp freshly ground black pepper

16 medium baby bella (cremini) mushrooms (about 340g), stems removed

1½ tbsp grated parmesan cheese


Position a rack in the middle of the oven and preheat to 220C.

In a large frying pan over medium heat, heat the oil until shimmering. Add the shallot or onion and cook, stirring frequently, until softened, about 1 minute. Add the spinach, a few handfuls at a time, and cook, stirring until all the spinach is wilted down, 4 to 5 minutes. Stir in the sun-dried tomatoes and remove from the heat. Stir in the Gournay cheese and pepper until well-combined.

Fill each mushroom cap generously with the spinach-cheese mixture (each cap should get about 1 tablespoon), piling the filling in a high mound. Place the mushrooms onto a large, rimmed baking tray and sprinkle each with a little parmesan cheese. Roast for 12 to 15 minutes, or until the mushrooms are tender and the cheese on top is nicely browned.

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Serve warm or at room temperature.

Nutrition information per serving (2 mushroom caps and 2 tablespoons filling), based on 8 | Calories: 78; total fat: 6g; saturated fat: 3g; cholesterol: 11mg; sodium: 106mg; carbohydrates: 4g; dietary fibre: 1g; sugar: 2g; protein: 3g.


This analysis is an estimate based on available ingredients and this preparation. It should not substitute for a dietitian’s or nutritionist’s advice.

© The Washington Post

‘It’s a miracle’

When King found out she’d eaten a death cap mushroom, she asked Wright of all the cases of people who have eaten this type of mushroom, how many people survived?

«He said, basically, very few because once it attacks your liver, you’ve got to have a liver transplant and then a kidney transplant,» she said. «They actually had a bed available at to do a liver transplant, and my girlfriend offered me some of her liver. Who does that for you? Who offers you some of their liver.»

After hearing what Wright told her, King said she accepted she was going to die.

«Somebody came over from the church, (and) Dr. Wright said you’d better get your husband over here, and he flew in from England,» King said. «But I also had to have my lawyer come in, who drew me a power of attorney, because if something happened (to) me overnight, I wouldn’t be able to deal with it, nor would my husband.»

Another friend from Newport began researching medications and found one that wasn’t available yet through the Food and Drug Administration. The drug was shipped from Philadelphia and administered to King.

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«The care and attention was second to none, and when you feel you’re dying, you want to be comfortable,» she said. «I couldn’t eat anything. I couldn’t keep anything down, but I was drinking this charcoal drink that old wives in Italy tell you to drink if you’ve taken toxins. So they have that at the hospital.»

After a couple of days taking the medication, King said her liver began to stabilize.

«So I lived,» she said.

During her stay at Newport Hospital, King said many of her friends were telling her to go to get treatment in a bigger city, such as Boston, but King said she was confident with the doctors and care she was receiving at the Newport Hospital, and credits the people there for saving her life.

How to Prepare Mung Bean Vermicelli

Make sure you have mung bean vermicelli, rather than rice vermicelli. Mung bean noodles are translucent when cooked (which is why they’re sometimes called “glass noodles”), while rice noodles are more opaque.

The brand we usually look for is called Lungkow:

Package of mung bean vermicelli noodles

All you have to do is soak the noodles in water for about 15 minutes (though they can sit in the water for up to a few hours). To make eating easier, you may want to cut the noodles in half.

Gluten-free Recipe alert!

Mung bean noodles are gluten-free. This entire recipe is also gluten-free—just make sure to use gluten-free soy sauce!

Marijuana paves the way for mushrooms

The Alberta business has applied to handle eight different psychedelic drugs, though its CEO said psilocybin is the substance most in demand from drug development companies, likely because of loosening cannabis laws.

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"That's reflective of this liberalization of plant medicines. It's easy to go from cannabis as a medicine to mushrooms as a medicine," Motyka said. "It's a bit harder to make that next jump to LSD, especially with the amount of stigma that's associated."

Researchers are looking at psilocybin's potential to treat various conditions, from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder, to problematic substance use. Health Canada, which has approved three clinical trials testing the drug in treatment of depression, said psilocybin has so far shown some promise in some cases, but further research is needed.

"Clinical trials are the most appropriate and effective way to advance research with unapproved drugs such as psilocybin," the regulator said in a statement.

"Clinical trials ensure that the best interests of patients are protected and that a product is administered in accordance with national and international ethical, medical and scientific standards."

Почему возникает нечувствительность к лептину

В одном исследовании J. W. Kolaczynski, J. P. Ohannesian, R. V. Considine. Response of leptin to short‑term and prolonged overfeeding in humans / The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism выявили, что 12 часов переедания (120 ккал/кг веса) поднимают уровень лептина на 40%, а две недели такого режима увеличивают количество гормона в три раза.

Учёные предполагают, что чрезмерное количество лептина может повлиять непосредственно на гипоталамус, снизив его чувствительность к этому гормону.

Более того, ухудшается J. Bouillon‑Minois, M. Trousselard, D. Thivel. Leptin as a Biomarker of Stress: A Systematic Review and Meta‑Analysis / Nutrients и перенос лептина через гематоэнцефалический барьер — фильтр, который защищает мозг от вредных для него компонентов крови.

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Таким образом, в него проникает мало лептина, гипоталамус не получает команды урезать аппетит и чувство насыщения не приходит, несмотря на избыток калорий.

Кроме того, высокий уровень гормона в плазме увеличивает M. Obradovic1, E. Sudar‑Milovanovic, S. Soskic. Leptin and Obesity: Role and Clinical Implication / Frontiers in Endocrinology количество провоспалительных цитокинов, а они, в свою очередь, ещё больше повышают лептин.

Шампиньоны чистим, моем и нарезаем пластинками или кубиками, как вам больше нравится.

Лук чистим и нарезаем или кубиками или полукольцами.

шампиньоны жареные

Наливаем на сковороду растительное масло и обжариваем до полу-готовности лук.

шампиньоны жареные

К луку отправляем порезанные шампиньоны, солим и перчим.

шампиньоны жареные

Обжариваем грибы с луком, часто помешиваем пока не выпарится лишняя жидкость.

шампиньоны жареные

Зелень моем и укладываем на тарелку перед подачей. По желанию, можно порезать и посыпать блюдо.

шампиньоны жареные

На заметку

Жареные шампиньоны — весьма простое блюдо. И что мне больше всего нравится — готовится из продуктов, которые доступны круглый год. Этот простой рецепт жареных шампиньонов не требует особых кулинарных навыков, и приготовить жареные шампиньоны в домашних условиях не составит труда никому. Степень поджаренности грибов можно корректировать по своему вкусу. В моей семье предпочитают, чтобы грибочки были с небольшой хрустинкой, поэтому мы готовим их чуть быстрее, однако если вы любите более мягкие жареные шампиньоны — жарьте чуть дольше:) Удачи!

Недавно пробовала шампиньоны с начинкой. Рекомендую! Может кому и пригодится.

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